Andrew Powell

In effect the third member of the Project core, Andrew orchestrated all of the Project albums except Vulture Culture, for which he was unavailable. During his time with the Project, he wrote Total Eclipse and co-wrote The Fall of the House of Usher but other than these he concentrated on arranging and conducting the orchestra. He released a compilation album featuring his interpretations of the Project's music called Andrew Powell and the Philharmonia Orchestra Play the Best of the Alan Parsons Project and wrote the score for the film Ladyhawke. He is still working with Alan Parsons, writing much of Try Anything Once, although his contribution to recent albums seems to be somewhat reduced.

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Desde la desaparición de Andrew Powell de los discos de Alan, no he sabido nada más de sus trabajos, tiene algún CD más a la venta? Saludos desde Barcelona Jaime

- Jaime Nicolás

Album Credits

Writing credit for:

  1. Arrival
  2. Bishop's Death
  3. Bishop's Procession
  4. Cezar's Woods
  5. The Chase, The Fall, And The Transformation
  6. End Title
  7. Fall
  8. Final Reunion/End Title
  9. Imperious Removes Arrow
  10. I'm Talkin' To You
  11. Intermezzo
  12. Jigue
  13. Ladyhawke Theme (single version)
  14. Main Title
  15. Marquet's Death
  16. Navarre And Isabeau's Dual Transformation
  17. Navarre And Marquet's Duel
  18. Navarre Returns To Aquila
  19. Navarre's Ambush
  20. Old And Wise
  21. Pavane
  22. Phillipe Describes Isabeau
  23. Phillipe's Escape
  24. Pitou's Woods
  25. Prelude
  26. Re-Jigue
  27. The Search For Phillipe
  28. She Was Sad At First...
  29. Take The Money And Run
  30. Tavern Fight (Navarre)
  31. Tavern Fight (Phillipe)
  32. The Three Of Me
  33. Total Eclipse
  34. Turret Chase/The Fall
  35. Wedding Music
  36. Wolf Trapped In Ice

Other credits:

  1. Alan Parsons Live (European Release) (Keyboards)
  2. Alan Parsons Live (US Release) (Keyboards)
  3. Ammonia Avenue (Arranger & Conductor)
  4. Andrew Powell And The Philharmonia Orchestra Play The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project (Synthesizers, Electric Piano, Bass, Producer, Arranger & Conductor)
  5. The Best Of The Alan Parsons Project (Arranger & Conductor [except You Don't Believe])
  6. Eve (Arranger & Conductor)
  7. Eye In The Sky (Arranger & Conductor)
  8. Freudiana (Arranger & Conductor)
  9. Freudiana (The Musical) (Orchestral Arranging)
  10. Gaudi (Arranger & Conductor)
  11. I Robot (Arranger & Conductor)
  12. Ladyhawke (GNP Crescendo Release) (Keyboards, Arranger & Conductor)
  13. Ladyhawke (Original Release) (Keyboards, Arranger & Conductor)
  14. On Air (Arranger & Conductor)
  15. Pyramid (Arranger & Conductor)
  16. Stereotomy (Arranger & Conductor)
  17. Tales Of Mystery And Imagination (Keyboards, Arranger & Conductor)
  18. Try Anything Once (Bass, Synthesizers, Pianos & Keyboards, Autoharp, Arranger & Conductor)
  19. The Turn Of A Friendly Card (Arranger & Conductor)
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