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CyberWeb specializes in providing expert Python training and consulting. Founded in 1995 by author of the bestselling Core Python book series and Python expert Wesley Chun, CyberWeb leverages his more than 25+ years as a software engineer, teacher, and writer to be your "perfect storm" of knowledge via his intensive training courses. No other Python instructor anywhere can boast this "triple threat" of experience. His goal is not to just teach Python syntax (which you can learn online or in a book) but to produce solid Python programmers! He has over 14+ years as a full-time Python developer and has taught courses and spoken at conferences around the globe.

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"Comprehensive and insightful"

Upcoming public courses (San Francisco)

(Comprehensive) Intro + Intermediate Python - 2014 Jul 30-31, Aug 1 (registration opens Apr 2014)

Advanced: Python Applications Programming - Fall 2014 or Winter 2015

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Recent+Planned Event Appearances

CETPA - 2013 Nov 19-22 - Pasadena

O'Reilly OSCON - 2013 Jul 22-26 - Portland

Silicon Valley CodeCamp - 2012 Oct 6-7 - Los Altos Hills (US)

Google I/O - 2012 Jun 27-29 - San Francisco

PyCon - 2012 Mar 7-15 - Silicon Valley

PythonBrasil[7] - 2011 Sep 29-Oct 1 - São Paulo

PyCon Argentina - 2011 Sep 23-24 - Junín